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Bruce Peninsula

Let’s explore!

NB: Northern Bruce Peninsula (Ferndale and North)

SB: South Bruce Peninsula (Ferndale to Hepworth)

1. Morning Breakfast , NB: Bear Tracks, Rachel’s, Craigie’s or The Princess Diner) or SB: Lazlo’s, D&D Sauble or The Green Door Cafe.

2. Quick Stop: NB: Visitor Centre Tower, Tobermory

3. Morning Hike, NB: The Grotto (National Pike), Lion’s Head Lookout, White Bluffs (park in Forty Hills Parking Lot)

3. Greig’s Caves (Rush Cove)

4. Sandy Beach, NB: Singing Sands Provincial Park, Big Sandy Beach Black Creek National Park, SB: Sauble Beach, Oliphant Beach, Howdenvale Beach or Red Bay Beach.

5. Markets: NB: Lion’s Head Farmer’s Market, Garden in Thyme, SB: Wiarton Farmer’s Market

6. Lunch NB: Tacomory Tobermory, Shipwreck Lee’s, Rachel’s, TruFood, Mom’s Pizza, SB: Lazlo’s, The Green Door Cafe

7. Afternoon: NB: Random Ranch Alpaca Tours, Cape Chin Farm Tour, Cycle HW 9, Kayak Miller Lake or Lion’s Head Beach, Glass Bottom Boat Tour to Flower Pot Island, SB: take kids to the climbing monument, mini-golf in Sauble, shopping in Sauble

8. Dinner at home: Foodland locations in Wiarton, Lion’s Head and Tobermory

9. Sunset & Ice Cream: NB: Tobermory Big Tub Harbour Lookout, SB: Sauble Beach or a drive along Sunset Shore Road from Pike Bay to Sauble. Ice Cream NB: Tobermory, Lion’s Head and Cindy Lou’s, or SB: Scooper’s, or Dairy Dip in Wiarton.

10. Optional: Formal dinner at The Taste Kitchen Lion’s Head, Red Bay Lodge in Red Bay or Tamarac Island Inn. SB: Lazlo’s or one of many restaurants in Sauble.

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Rainy Day?

Rainy Day?

Here are some things you can do:

Guided Hikes

Guided Hikes

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