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Welcoming Furry Friends: A Guide for Vacation Home Hosts

By: Teresa Purchase, Co-founder & Operations Lead

Welcoming pets into your rental can significantly enhance your listing’s appeal, making it a sought-after option for the vast number of travellers who prefer to bring their four-legged family members along. Here’s how to ensure a pleasant stay for pets and peace of mind for their owners.

1. Rethink Soft Surfaces

Carpets and pets can be a challenging combination. Some dogs may accidentally pee on carpeted areas, leaving a stubborn odor that attracts future accidents. Opting for hard flooring can mitigate these concerns, ensuring a cleaner, more hygienic environment for everyone.

2. Secure Outdoor Options

Providing a secure, chew-proof tie-out system for outdoor exploration is essential. Avoid ropes or chains; instead, consider a sturdy tie-out that screws into the ground, allowing pets to enjoy the outdoors without risk.

3. Pet Essentials

Equip your space with stainless steel bowls for water and food, which are durable and easy to clean. This simple touch can make pet owners feel their furry companions are truly welcome.

4. House Rules

Clearly state your house rules regarding pets. This should include no pets on the beds or furniture and the requirement that pets should not be left alone in the property to prevent any disturbance to neighbours.

5. Convenience is Key

Offer amenities like poop bags and a jar of dog treats. Such thoughtful touches not only make the stay more convenient for pet owners but also show that you go the extra mile for your guests and their pets.

6. Flea Prevention

To safeguard against flea infestations, consider treating your space with a long-lasting flea prevention spray. This proactive approach keeps both the rental and its furry occupants comfortable.

7. Cleanliness First

If providing a dog bed, ensure it’s washed after each guest. This maintains high cleanliness standards and reassures guests about your commitment to their comfort.

8. Safety Measures

Remind guests that pets must be leashed at all times for their safety and to respect neighbors. Additionally, a fenced-in property can greatly increase your rental’s attractiveness to pet owners.

9. Local Pet-Friendly Spots

Listing nearby dog parks, pet-friendly beaches, pet stores, and veterinarians adds immense value, making your guests’ stay hassle-free and enjoyable.

10. Extra Touches

Providing a “dog towel” for guests to wipe off their pets’ wet fur or clean their feet is a thoughtful detail that pet owners will appreciate.

11. Financial Considerations

Consider charging an extra fee for pets. This can compensate for additional cleaning or maintenance while still offering the convenience of a pet-friendly space.

12. Tailored Experience

Feel free to set boundaries that suit your property, such as restrictions on pet size, type, or number. This ensures a good fit for your space and comfort level as a host.

13. Bonus Amenities

Providing space for a pet crate, which can be easily stored when not in use, is an excellent bonus for pet owners, offering them peace of mind about their pet’s comfort and safety.

By incorporating these tips from Teresa Purchase of Grey Bruce Cottages, vacation home hosts can create a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment for guests and their pets alike. Not only does this enhance your listing’s appeal, but it also opens your doors to a wider audience of pet-loving travellers, ensuring memorable stays for all.

About Teresa Purchase, Co-founder & Operations Lead

Teresa Purchase, affectionately known as ‘Mama Bear’ by friends and colleagues, is the dynamic Co-founder and Operations Lead of Grey Bruce Cottages. With a past life as a dog groomer, Teresa not only perfected the art of the snip and clip but also shone in the competitive world of dog grooming. But her talents don’t stop there; she’s led her dogs through the paces in agility, rally-o, and obedience competitions, showcasing a remarkable bond and teamwork. Her unique blend of leadership, expertise in pet care, and competitive spirit makes her an unparalleled force in the vacation rental space.