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Unlocked: The Legacy of Love at Howdenvale Haven – A Family’s Dream Reimagined

By: Nathan Monk, Co-founder – Licencing & Online

Nestled within the lush landscapes of South Bruce Peninsula, there exists a place not just of wood and walls, but of heartbeats and history. Welcome to Howdenvale Haven, a property that stands as a testament to family, love, and the passage of time. This blog post is a part of our “Unlocked” series, where we peel back the layers of some of Grey Bruce Cottages Inc.’s most fascinating properties. Today, we dive into the story of Howdenvale Haven, an Airbnb managed by us, but more importantly, cherished by Rue & Jason Fournie and their lineage.

A Foundation of Love

The origins of Howdenvale Haven trace back to 1973 when Jason’s grandparents, driven by a dream of retirement in tranquillity, laid the first stone of what would become a family treasure. Harold Fournie, with a vision and a trailer, embarked on a project that would grow, room by room, summer by summer, into a sanctuary of memories. This was not just construction; it was the manifestation of a legacy, with each plank milled from local trees, and each sap stain in the garage a testament to the hands-on dedication that birthed this home.

A Childhood Paradise

For Jason, Howdenvale Haven was the backdrop of a childhood painted with the hues of endless summers, adventure, and the kind of joy that only a place soaked in love can provide. It was here, amidst the expanding walls of his grandfather’s creation, that the most vivid memories of his youth were formed. The narrative of the property is interwoven with the laughter of past generations, echoing through the halls and whispering in the breeze that rustles through the trees.

A Circle Completes

Decades passed, and life, as it does, led Jason’s grandparents to part ways with this emblem of their heart’s work. Yet, the dream of one day returning to Howdenvale Haven lingered in Jason’s soul, a seemingly distant fantasy. And then, the unimaginable happened—the very essence of destiny’s magic—Jason and Rue found themselves the new stewards of this cherished haven, a full-circle moment that few dare to dream of, let alone realize.

Today’s Howdenvale Haven

Today, Howdenvale Haven stands not just as a structure, but as a living, breathing chronicle of the Fournie family’s journey. It’s a funky 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home that promises more than just a stay; it offers an experience, a chance to partake in the legacy of love and meticulous care that has seeped into every fiber of the place. The property, with its stunning pine exterior, custom-crafted woodwork, and a soulful connection to its surroundings, invites guests to create their own memories within its walls.

Nestled just a short stroll from Howdenvale Beach and within a stone’s throw of the peninsula’s most captivating sights, Howdenvale Haven is more than a vacation rental. It’s a gateway to exploring the beauty of Lake Huron, the charm of Lion’s Head, Sauble Beach, and Wiarton, while offering a private, well-treed lot for moments of serene contemplation or joyous gatherings.

A Legacy Continues

As Rue and Jason now open the doors of Howdenvale Haven to guests, they extend an invitation not just to share a space, but to become part of a story that spans generations. It’s a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the warmth of a home where every corner holds a story, every room echoes with laughter, and every stay promises the creation of new memories.

Howdenvale Haven is not just a place to stay; it’s a journey through time, a celebration of family, and a testament to the dreams that, sometimes, against all odds, do come true. In unlocking the doors to Howdenvale Haven, we unlock the heart of what makes a house a home: the stories, the love, and the legacy left for future generations to cherish.

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About Nathan Monk

As the Co-founder of Grey Bruce Cottages Inc., Nathan spearheads Online & Licensing, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategy, management, and delivery of property management and customer success services. His expertise is not just limited to these aspects of the business; Nathan’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in steering the company toward its present-day status as a leading property management company in Grey and Bruce Counties. He is also an Airbnb SuperHost of over 10 years.

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