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Delight Your Guests with the Perfect Touch: Mastering the Art of Toiletries in Your Vacation Rental

By: Teresa Purchase, Co-founder & Head of Operations

Hey there, it’s Teresa Purchase here, your go-to gal and the co-pilot steering the ship at Grey Bruce Cottages Inc.! Today, I’m here to chat about something that’s been buzzing around in the vacation rental scene. And yes, you guessed it: the big question of whether guests expect toiletries at their vacation rental. Well, let me spill the beans right away: they absolutely do! It’s not just a little expectation; it’s skyrocketed to the top of the amenities list for travellers everywhere.

Now, how do we deliver these essentials in a way that’s fresh, clean, and kind to our planet? I’ve explored some awesome options that’ll not only wow your guests but also sprinkle a little extra magic on their stay.

The One-Time Wonders

Picture this: tiny, individually packaged goodies like shampoos, conditioners, lotions, body washes, or soaps. These little gems are a win-win for keeping things fresh and worry-free when it comes to cleanliness. And, oh, how adorable they are! But wait, it gets even sweeter. Choosing brands that go all-in on sustainable packaging—think biodegradable or recyclable—will not only charm your guests but also show off your eco-friendly flair.

The Economical Dispensers

Soap dispenser

How about going for liquid soap dispensers? These nifty gadgets can be filled up with those big ol’ gallon jugs of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, making your life a bit easier on the budget. Sure, they need a tad of upkeep to dodge those dreaded nozzle clogs and keep bacteria at bay, but a smidge of regular maintenance means everyone gets a smooth, squeaky-clean experience.

The Generous Portions

Or maybe, consider the luxury route with larger bottles of toiletries, topping them off as needed. It’s a splash more lavish and gives off that abundant vibe. Just a heads up, though—like the dispensers, this method isn’t as squeaky clean in terms of hygiene as those single-use darlings.

The Scented Debate

To add a fragrance or not? That’s the million-dollar question. Whether you opt for the unscented route or a hint of aroma, the trick is in tuning into your guests’ preferences and making sure it’s just right for them. Try for muted sents like earthy tones (sandalwood is a favourite).

The Local Touch 🌐

Ready to really stand out? Why not source those bathroom essentials from local creators? It’s an incredible way to give your guests a unique, memorable twist during their stay, plus a high-five to the local economy. Picture the joy on their faces as they discover a lavender body wash or cedarwood shampoo made right in the neighborhood! We highly recommend Georgian Bay Soapworks if you are hosting in the Grey Bruce area.

Personalized Packaging

And for the cherry on top, how about personalizing the packaging with your property’s name or a catchy slogan? It’s those personal touches that truly make your guests feel seen and special.

In this bustling world of vacation rentals, it’s the thoughtful little extras that elevate a nice stay to something truly memorable. By choosing the right toiletries for your space, you’re doing more than just checking a box—you’re crafting a whole experience. So, whether you fall for the charm of single-use items, the practicality of dispensers, or the generous spirit of larger bottles, it’s all about showering your guests with care and attention. We once had a client say: “always invest 10% of the guest nightly rate back into the guest experience.”

Sending you all the best vibes for happy hosting from me, Teresa, and the whole crew at Grey Bruce Cottages Inc.!


About Teresa Purchase

Teresa Purchase Grey Bruce Cottages

Dubbed ‘Mama Bear’ for her nurturing approach and indomitable spirit, Teresa Purchase is the visionary Co-Founder and Head of Operations at Grey Bruce Cottages Inc. Under her astute leadership, the company has blossomed into a leading light in the vacation property management scene across Grey and Bruce Counties. Teresa’s journey in hospitality is marked by a significant tenure at one of the Bruce Peninsula’s premier Bed and Breakfasts, where she perfected the craft of creating warm, inviting, and memorable guest experiences.

Transitioning into property management was a seamless move for Teresa, fueled by her unwavering commitment to service excellence and an eagle eye for the minutiae that make a stay special. But Teresa brings more to the table than operational prowess; she’s also a certified home decor stylist. This artistic flair dramatically shapes the look and feel of linens and decor throughout Grey Bruce Cottages Inc.’s portfolio, ensuring each property isn’t just efficiently run but also exquisitely appointed.

Teresa’s unique combination of hospitality know-how and styling savvy means that each vacation rental under her watch is a testament to excellence. It’s her deep appreciation for the fine points of guest comfort and satisfaction that transforms a simple stay into an extraordinary experience.